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Find files on Windows Mobile. Select date and file name filter, start folder

Searching files on windows mobile can be troublesome. The builtin search function does not show all files.That is where SSEFind! can be a big help. The program not only searches, but also finds files on your mobile device.Select a start folder for your search (eg. windows, Storage Card ), optionally define a date search (before, on or after a specific date),define a file filter (eg. *.jpg, report*.doc) and start the search.SSEFind! will search all folders starting at the specified folder and recursing into the folders below.All hits appear immediately in a list. You may stop the search any time.SSEFind! shows name, location, size and modification time of all files found.Additionally, you may open the explorer on the folder where the file is or open the file with it's application.SSEFind! simply does everything you want a search utility to do, and it is free.This version runs unresticted until June 30th 2008.
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