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XDX Charts 12.2.4

XDX Charts


XDX Charts is a DevExpress components extension regarding creation of diagrams.

Free for DevExpress VCL Subscribers -
If you own the DevExpress VCL subscription, you can use the latest XDX Charts components version absolutely for free
DevExpress Controls Descendant -
It is easy for you to deal with XDX Charts and use it if you are a DevExpress VCL customer.
Easy to Customize -
XDX Charts has an embedded customization popup menu to easily access required properties.
Support for Variety Data Sources -
XDX Charts supports both DB and unbound data.
Data Grouping -
XDX Charts allows you to set grouping criteria to extract series data.
Independent Data Series -
XDX Charts is able to display data from multiple data sources.
Built-in Analizer Formulas -
XDX Charts allows you to build a graph of any function.
Available Translations: None

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