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UltraBooster for BitTorrent 3.1.0

UltraBooster for BitTorrent


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UltraBooster for BitTorrent is a fast acceleration patch for BitTorrent client.

UltraBooster for BitTorrent is a potent download-speeding up module developed to interact with your native BitTorrent client and add to its overall performance.
As fast as your BitTorrent client is working and as good an Internet connection you have, there's still a next step you can take - BitTorrent UltraBooster is exactly that step helping you exploit to the maximum the capabilities of both your file sharing software and your bandwidth.
Once you have installed it, the program requires no additional changes and configuration to work with the native p2p client. The interaction between the two is instant.
You have access to all the app's functions through a neat interface that allows you to monitor acceleration settings, verify the network's interface and check all the necessary statistics - type of connection (or you your connection is affected), bytes sent and received, the duration of the acceleration process. The BitTorrent UltraBooster runs quietly on the background through a system tray icon.
Features included:
- Searches for extra sources at user-specified intervals;
- Minimizes into the system tray for quicker and easier management;
- Automatically resumes paused downloads;
- Automatically removes from the list files that completed or are corrupted;
- Ability to shutdown when all files finished downloading;
- Last run configuration is saved and loads on startup automatically.
System Requirements:
- BitTorrent installed;
- Windows 95/98/98SE/ME/NT/2000/XP/7;
- Internet connection

Changes on the new version:
Improved queue management algorithm. Lots of new features added.
Available Translations: None

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