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WIC is the perfect tool for collecting images from one or more web sites.

Web Image Collector is the perfect tool for downloading thousands of Images from the web. Simply enter a web site address (URL) or Search keywords, and within seconds you will see numerous thumbnails of downloaded images. Junk images such as icons and advertisements are filtered out using the configurable filter rules. Use WIC to find images for creating reports, web sites, documents, presentations or whatever your needs may be. WIC makes it easy to download content from image galleries, Photo blogs, TGP sites, and so much more. WIC includes stop conditions to help you manage the search process and the number of files downloaded. Different browsing perspectives give you choices on how to see your thumbnails and full size images. Advanced importing and exporting features allow you to zip up your image collection and share it with friends. WIC is a Java based program, and it is available in Windows, Linux and Mac OSX. There are separate files for each operating system, so please visit our website if the file for your operating system is not listed here.
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