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Secretly protect web text content from theft with hidden information

Digital watermarking for IMAGES has been around
for some time, but until now, no solution had been available for TEXT.
Web Copyrighter embeds hidden information into any web page,
Blog, RSS feed, XML file or Unicode text. The hidden text can only be
revealed using the software, and is invaluable in proving the rightful
owner of any published work, including magazines, newspapers, company
reports, case studies and more.
Every minute of every day, web site authors, journalists and
publishing houses risk losing attribution and compensation for their
online work, as automated bots scan the web for popular content and copy
it to new sites. The reason? Google AdWords revenue.
"Online Copyright theft is on the rise" says ,
CEO of DataMystic. "Popular sites like have
to battle constantly to protect the intellectual property their
sites are based on. With Web Copyrighter, a site can quickly
prove their ownership of copyrighted material and take action
against the offender."
Get the legal tools you need to pursue and stamp out illegal use of
your content!
This ugly trend is only getting worse. Are you prepared?
Easily Prove What is Yours!!
If you ever have to go to court, make sure Web Copyrighter is in your
Use it for....
- Stamping out illegal re-publishers of your site's content
- Protect Blogs
- Protect web sites and HTML files
- Protect RSS feeds
- Protect the content of Newspaper and Magazine sites from illegal reproduction
- and much more.

Changes on the new version:
Now works in MS-Word documents!
Available Translations: None

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